Korreio Arch
    . LDAP over SSL.
    . Search entries (LDAP filter syntax).
    . Add entries wizard (inetOrgPerson, posixAccount, sambaSamAccount, astSipPeer, radiusProfile).
    . Remove entries.
    . Rename entries (change DN).
    . Copy/Cut and paste entries.
    . Add, remove, edit attributes of entries.
    . Auxiliary schema "idea": add pre-configured attributes on objectClass addition.
    . Change password tool: create userPassword hashs (SSHA, SHA, SMD5, MD5, CRYPT, plain text and sambaNT/LM).
    . Create entries for Samba (Populate): Users, Computers, Groups, etc.. 
    . Create entries for DHCP server.
    . CSV to LDIF converter.

    . IMAP over SSL.
    . Search mailboxes.
    . Add user mailboxes and default folders, quota and acls.
    . Remove mailboxes.
    . Rename mailboxes.
    . Reconstruct mailboxes.
    . Show and set quotas.
    . Show and set annotations (expire, etc).
    . Show and set ACLs (mailboxes shares).
    . Export: user mailboxes, all mailboxes or Korreio Interchange Format (mailboxes, quota, acls, annotations).

    . IMAP over SSL.
    . Search mailboxes.
    . Show and set IMAP-Partition.
    . Show (used, limit and percentage) and set quota for many users.
    . Show last POP3 connection and last mailbox update.
    . Export to CSV.

    . Search and list Sieve script per user.
    . Edit sieve script per user, selection or for all.
    . Remove sieve script per user, selection or for all.
    . Sieve script editor (code helper).
    . Sieve script templates: routing, discard spam, vacation, filter by sender, etc.. 

    . Show messages in queue.
    . Messages grouped by sender.
    . Displays all messages and recipients.
    . Search messages in queue by sender and/or recipient.
    . Remove, hold, unhold and requeue, by message, sender or all.
    . Display the reason for non-delivery.
    . Display the date when message entered in the queue.
    . Display the total in Kbytes of messages by sender.

  Reinaldo de Carvalho (reinaldoc{NOSPAM}gmail.com)
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